A person who is getting one of a number of social welfare payments, including jobseekers and the pandemic unemployment payment (PUP), can apply to the Department of Social Protection for a training support grant of up to €1,000. The Training Support Grant is there to facilitate any jobseeker who can show the need for training to help them gain employment/self employment or can demonstrate a gap in their certification which prevents them getting a job. The Training Support Grant is for short term training only.

Applications are done through the case officers in local Intero centres.

The list of qualifying social welfare payments are here. However, a case officer can use their discretion in supporting someone who is on a payment not listed here if the jobseeker can show the need for access to this training.

The jobseeker must demonstrate that they have a reasonable chance of gaining employment after completing the training.

Any training that will help lead to employment is allowable. This includes safe pass courses, security permit renewals, HGV/rigid/bus driver training and HACCP courses but is not limited to these. Industry specific training is allowable too once it is not a programme above a QQI level 6. Training providers should be located on the island of Ireland.

What I think is interesting is that the scheme will fund essential driver training, up to a maximum of €250. This means, if a jobseeker can show they need to be able to drive to be able to attend a potential workplace, they can apply for this grant to help fund the cost of driving lessons. This is very helpful as the cost of completing the mandatory 12 driving lessons can be prohibitive.

All applications should be done through the case officer in your local Intreo centre. Further details are here.

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