This is a scheme where you can retain a partial welfare payment while working on your business part-time. It is available to self-employed people who were on the PUP or a Jobseeker’s payment for at least 16 weeks and will be working part-time for up to 24 hours per week. There is no limit on the amount you can earn but you can only work a maximum of 24hrs a week.

Since budget day, a self-employed person can earn €480 per month after expenses and keep PUP. You do not need to apply to the Department of Social Protection or inform the Department of the fact that you are earning under this threshold while claiming PUP. However once you exceed that threshold, you should close your PUP claim and apply for this new Part Time Job Incentive.

The aim of this scheme is to help people to transition off the PUP once they are exceeding the earning threshold of €480 per month. If you earn over the €480 threshold in the month, you should close your PUP claim. It can be assumed that if your earnings drop below the threshold and PUP is still open to new applicants, that you could reapply. You must undertake to stay on the scheme for less than 2 months.

There are 2 rates of weekly payment:

  • €128.60 – personal rate
  • €209.70 if you were paid an increase for a qualified adult on your previous jobseeker’s claim

The qualifying criteria is as follows:

  • You must be tax compliant
  • Have been receiving PUP or a Jobseeker’s payment for 16 weeks
  • Return to self-employment for up to a maximum 24 hours per week (there is no limit on the amount you can earn)
  • Submit a monthly statement of hours worked each week
  • Be genuinely seeking to increase your level of work

The application process has not been released yet but I will update when it is announced.