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Do you think an accountant is just for doing your tax returns?

Do you think accountants are less approachable than you’d like and are only interested in looking at your business over in the past tense?

No and No!

I am passionate about helping small businesses. I can add value as your accountant and provide advice that will help you to grow your business.  Up to date financial information is important to help you make better decisions. Make sure your accountant is there to support you and your business.

Support with growth

Adding value

Available for expert advice

Working with your business today (not only looking back)

Tax Compliance

Let me take care of all your tax needs! I can complete your annual tax return, VAT returns and return of trading details.


Are you ready to pass over the burden of payroll to someone else? Let me help! I can process your payroll, make the returns to Revenue and send payslips directly to your employees.

Financial Planning and Projections

Do you need some advice on business plans or projections from your current year finances? I  work with clients who are interested knowing how their business is succeeding now to help them build for the future!

Virtual CFO

Do you need expert financial advice on a small business budget? I  have helped business owners by setting up a back office accounting function to facilitate business growth and better oversight. I offer financial insight into decision making and monitor the financial well-being of my clients.

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About Me

I am a qualified accountant with 13 years’ experience working in Finance in a range of companies across Dublin, Sligo, Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon. I have spoken with many small business owners and understand the fear that many feel when it comes to getting on top of their financials and how it ends up being rushed to meet deadlines. I am surprised at how many business owners work from historical information and only compile their information for tax returns, often 9 or 10 months into the following year. 

I feel that the sole trader market is very underserved by accountants and many sole traders feel they are too small to hire a traditional high street accountant and as a result, let the financial side slide.  This is not true so I have decided to work exclusively with sole traders as I recognise the value that sole traders have in our economy and I love working with small business owners.

I offer something different – I am accessible to my clients; I am approachable and want my clients to know that I am here to help at any stage not just for tax compliance. I am passionate about supporting small businesses, adding value and aiding better decision making. I also take out all the technical jargon and talk to you in a way that helps you understand your financials. Like many small business owners, I also work outside of normal business hours, balancing family commitments, so I offer flexibility to my clients and I am not restricted by the location of my clients. 



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